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  • Mysteries

    “Well, yeah, this is pretty conclusive.” The street doc looked at the diagnostics pad in her hand, shrugging. “Your doll’s pregnant.” “…How?” The confused boy looked over at the doll, which was sitting off to the side, idly amusing itself with an animation on a nearby screen. “It’s a doll!” “Idunno dude, I’m not the […]

  • PSA

    Hi! My name is Monica, I’m head of Public Relations for Trevor, Moore & Associates. This video is intended for newly graduated witches and associated magical entities. Advice therein is general advice and does not constitute an attorney-client relationship. It is important that as a witch in the 21st century, you abide by all applicable […]

  • Teaching

    The witch’s assignment to the chancellor’s daughter wasn’t without its controversy. The senate felt it improper to have witchcraft in their presence; the daughter felt it was yet another way for her father to keep an eye on her. Nothing more than a spy. Still, the chancellor felt it important for his heir-apparent to be […]

  • Train Stop

    For the last few weeks you’d visited the train station, there was always the same doll sitting there, a book in one hand, holding a sign in the other. Elegant handwritten cursive identified it as ownerless. Every day, it was at the same location, never moving away. For the most part, the other travelers never […]

  • Doll Party

    The two witches, emerald and ruby, stood atop an overhand and peered out into the crowd of dolls below. Behind them, a lithe demon was cleaning its pistol, while their fae companion paced back and forth. “It’s too risky,” the fae mumbled, holding their coat close. “We were hired for this job; we can’t very […]

  • Games

    The witch was, frankly, terrible at games. She would spend hours at the computer, repeating the same levels over and over again, rarely getting anywhere. Dolls would rather behind her, murmuring amongst themselves and betting when their Miss would finally win a stage. One of her dolls in particular would frequently ask, plead, with its […]

  • Deception

    The witch entered the viewing chamber in perfect silence, his doll matching his stride as they moved to the opposing edge of the room. The top room of the skyscraper stood well over a thousand feet off the ground, providing an awe inspiring view of the city below. A trio figures stood at the end, […]

  • Unfinished Stories Volume One

    Author’s Note: This is a collection of stories that I’ve worked on before and are in various states of completeness. I like them and I might still finish them, but I don’t know when I will, if ever. As a note, while most of these are recent, some are a bit older and so might […]

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