Hi! My name is Monica, I’m head of Public Relations for Trevor, Moore & Associates. This video is intended for newly graduated witches and associated magical entities. Advice therein is general advice and does not constitute an attorney-client relationship.

It is important that as a witch in the 21st century, you abide by all applicable laws and regulations. Please be aware that this advice is restricted to national regulations within non-autonomous regions of the Perpetual Union. Autonomous regions and individual states may have stricter guidelines than what is provided here. Please consult with a local attorney whenever expanding your services or inventory.

The Attuned Human and Other Related Entities Consolidation Bill of 2005 is the landmark piece of legislation that governs much of witchkind. It standardizes licensure and accreditation for the vast majority of magical practices. Most consequential are the regulations surrounding doll making and doll keeping. Witches are required to register all new entities classed at sapience level IV or above with their state’s Board of Arcane Arts. There are often federal, state, and local taxes associated with this.

The AHOREC also provides a federal framework for handling disputes between witches and other magical entities. Please be aware that actions that may ordinarily be severe crimes, such as assault and murder, are treated differently in disputes determined to be magical in nature. It is important to reference your state’s laws on magical combat, duels, and violent disputes, when considering undertaking certain actions or when you yourself are a victim of these actions. Civil liability may still be an option if your property is damaged during the dispute.

Finally, AHOREC provides jurisdictional limits to the fae and demon realms, acting alongside the Treaty on Borders, Extradition, and Cooperation, to which the Perpetual Union is a signatory. Please be aware that fae and demon agents have extradition authority against witchkind.

Should you find yourself in need of legal representation for either a civil or criminal manner, Trevor, Moore & Associates has nearly a hundred attorneys specializing in a wide range of magic-related practices. Our associates are bar-certified for state, federal, and celestial cases, and we have satellite offices around the Three Worlds. You can reach us toll free at-


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