The witch was, frankly, terrible at games. She would spend hours at the computer, repeating the same levels over and over again, rarely getting anywhere. Dolls would rather behind her, murmuring amongst themselves and betting when their Miss would finally win a stage.

One of her dolls in particular would frequently ask, plead, with its Miss to let it play for her, to get her past her roadblocks. The witch would always rebuff the help, insisting that she could do it on her own. And so, the days would go on, the doll gritting its teeth.

One day, though, as the doll was preparing to once again futily ask to help its Miss, the witch told it she had an idea. A fast enchantment and flash of light later and to the observing dolls’ amazement, their sister was now in the witch’s game.

The digitized doll took a moment to become acclimated to its new, somewhat limited, environment, but soon enough the witch was back at it. Sure enough, while the witch’s reflexes were slow, the doll could make the finer adjustments necessary to help her through the levels.

When the witch finally beat her game, she was so satisfied that she decided to begin working on her extremely lengthy backlog, with the continued help of her new binary doll. The doll didn’t mind it, that much, though it still fell victim to its witch’s lack of skill at times.

In fact, as time went on, the doll began to enjoy the variety of games its witch now played. It could live countless lives, be countless things, have so many new adventures, and all the while it could see how happy its witch was now. It was a good Purpose for it.






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