Doll Pact 2

“I think you’re avoiding me.” The succubus had finally cornered the witch, opening a cupboard door and shoving him inside before it promptly joined him. “Why?”

“I-I’m not!” He groaned, slumped against a shelf. “I just needed some fresh air-“

“Oh yeah? Is this one not a good enough doll for Miss?” The succubus’ glamour dropped, revealing its true form as it laughed. “Here I thought these meetings would be a bore. I’m loving being able to go right up to witches and them not even realize it.”

“Yeah, speaking of that, could you please stop flirting with the matriarchs? It’s really awkward and they blame me for your antics.”

“What can I say? I have thing for older women who could actually bind me. Unlike a certain witch I could name…”

“Look, if you can behave and not cause more trouble for like, two more meetings, then I’ll duplicate you again, okay? But this is the third meeting now that you’ve nearly started a fight with the apprentices.”

“I did no such thing, I just helped one with her hex. She was already going to cast it, and I personally believe education is a very important part of a witch’s career.”

“She turned half the dinner table to snakes!”

“Well, that was just extremely funny.”

“I’m going get thrown out of the coven at this rate!”

“Firstly, no one knows it was me or you. Secondly, that’d probably be a good thing. Did you hear what Angelia said about you? If I didn’t know better, I’d say she was trying to deflect off her own drama. I could-“

“No, no. Do not start shit with the senior witches. That’s how I end my days as someone’s cat or something.” He rubbed his temples, wondering why he ever thought this was a good idea. “You know what, I signed the attendance book, let’s just go back home.”

“Oh? So I can be bored on the couch some more?” The succubus pouted as the witch put a hand on the wall, a portal opening up and allowing the two back into a suite-turned-workshop. “I need entertainment! Enrichment! It’s cruel to keep a succubus pent up like this.”

“Well, what’s your duplicate up to?”

“Oh, sure, there’s the other me out there right now fucking a noble to death, but two of me means I need twice the excitement. She’s having a great time but what about me? I’m still stuck playing dress up doll for you.”

“She’s literally you, though, you two should be sharing the same thoughts.”

“Yeah, let me tell you, it’s super weird how that works. I’m completely aware of what’s going on over there, but it’s like I have to focus? Still, you really did outdo yourself on that spell.”

“That makes sen-did you just compliment me?”

“You’re a shit witch at everything else but credit where credit’s due.” It shrugged, flopping onto the cluttered couch and grabbing a nearby snack bag.

“That’s-I’m bad at making dolls, I’m perfectly capable at everything else! I can summon demons, I can pull off a duplication spell, no one else in my coven can do that. I can make portals and I can summon battle wisps and I can talk to animals-“

“Wait you can talk to animals? There’s this one fox I’ve been searching everywhere for, would be great if you could track him down for me.”

“That’s not the point! You’ve been mocking me for weeks now about things that aren’t even true.”

“We could spar,” its eyes lit up, lifting up a clawed hand. “We’re bound by pact, so we can’t kill each other… but I could still have plenty of fun.”

“I don’t want to fight you, I just want to not be mocked for one day.”

“Okay, fight me and if you win I won’t.”

The witch gave an exasperated sigh, falling back on a chair and twisting a bottle open. “Why are you like this?”

“You’re the one who summoned a succubus. I’m full of energy and apparently you’re the one witch this side of the divide that isn’t falling over himself to fuck me.”

“I summoned you because I needed a demon with powerful enough glamours to trick a matriarch. Which, if they ever find out I did, they’ll skin me alive and then make me stitch it back on.”

“I don’t really care why you did it, witchling. It’s irritating, hence, turnabout.”

The succubus slipped off the couch, pulling itself up ontop of the witch and looking down at his tired expression. “Your dreams are extremely well warded, but I’ve learned a thing or two in my time above and below. It’s a body thing, isn’t it? Not too happy with it?”

“I need to go to the gym more, yeah.”

“Anything else? Any repressed feelings from childhood? There’s a lot of magicks in these claws yaknow.”

“Are you my therapist now?”

“Hah! Knew it.” It smirked, slipping back off of the witch and grabbing his drink from his hand, downing half of it in one go. “Maybe this’ll be an exciting pact yet. When’s the next meeting anyways?”

“Next new moon, as usual.”

“Fantastic. Well comeon witch, let’s take a walk. I’ve got a part of hell I think you’d love to see.”

With a reluctant sigh he nodded, standing up and grabbing his cloak off the wall.






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