Category: Pacts, Deals, and Schemes

  • Pactbond

    CW: Blood, misgendering

  • Dying Faiths

    “What are you doing here, child?” The voice echoed quietly through the ruined temple courtyard, emanating at once all around the young witchling and from nowhere at all. With it came a certain chill to the air, the cool fall breeze that might put one to sleep by a fire. “There’s no magicks left here […]

  • Cloak

    “You’re free of the pact now,” the witch spoke freely, despite clearly struggling for air under the succubus’ claw pinning him down. “Do what you will.” “How do I know this isn’t a ruse?” the demon hissed back. “Why go through all that to free me, for nothing?” “I was passing through, and when I […]

  • Endless

    “You want to make a pact with me, little witch?” The elder witch looked at the younger with eyes that had long since decayed to the magicks in them. “And why’s that?” “I’ve heard the stories. You’re the Endless Witch.” The younger witch looked back, gaze steady. “I want to be your apprentice. I want […]

  • Eternity

    “This path isn’t an easier one.” The elder Matriarch looked at the young witch with resignation, rocking slowly in her chair. The witch was undeterred, sword in one hand and a conduit in the other, breathing through the rage in his veins. “Think, witchling, for just a moment. All witches bend the world to their […]

  • Doll Pact 2

    “I think you’re avoiding me.” The succubus had finally cornered the witch, opening a cupboard door and shoving him inside before it promptly joined him. “Why?” “I-I’m not!” He groaned, slumped against a shelf. “I just needed some fresh air-“ “Oh yeah? Is this one not a good enough doll for Miss?” The succubus’ glamour […]

  • Doll Pact

    “You… don’t have any dolls?” The succubus sat in the center of the summoning circle, an incredulous look on its face. “Well, you know,” the witch stammered. “I just never got around to making any. Never saw the point.” “And so your pact with me is to… pretend?” “Pretend to be my doll, yeah. Just […]

  • Death Wish

    “Don’t you wish for something more, son of Eve?” The witch held out a hand, a dimly lit shard of crystal in her aged palm. “There’s such potential and spark in you. What do you owe these traitors? What have they ever done for you?” He looked at the thing of power apprehensively, his own […]