Author: Alexandra

  • Swallow

    “Oh, there’s a wolf in you, child.” The fae giggled. “Take care it doesn’t eat you whole.” Life was never quite the same from that day on for you. A promising witchling, sought by Matriarchs around the world, soon to be looked over by every passing witch. You’d find yourself pledged to the service of […]

  • Ambush

    “This isn’t going to work, you know this can’t work.” The two witchlings sat crouched on the upper rafters of the warehouse, the sound of the ocean growing ever louder as a storm approached. Below them, a small entourage of dolls surrounded a witch, busy negotiating with a cloaked fae over some kind of merchandise. […]

  • Mentor

    “Come here often?” The angel looked to the woman with a cruel smile, sitting atop a jagged volcanic rock as the woman did her best to avoid its gaze. “I’m thinking of setting up a shop, right here. An emporium, filled with bustling crowds. Think it’s a good location?” The woman pressed on, silent as […]

  • Mysteries

    “Well, yeah, this is pretty conclusive.” The street doc looked at the diagnostics pad in her hand, shrugging. “Your doll’s pregnant.” “…How?” The confused boy looked over at the doll, which was sitting off to the side, idly amusing itself with an animation on a nearby screen. “It’s a doll!” “Idunno dude, I’m not the […]

  • BN Chapter 1: Cordially Invited…

    Out past a sleepy metropolis, as dense urban construction began to give way to scattered buildings and agriculture, a long side road began. It twisted past the hills and nooks surrounding the city, taking any would-be visitor ever deeper into the creases of the landscape. Tucked away on a dirt path that faded away if […]

  • Pactbond

    CW: Blood, misgendering

  • Hate

    CW: 2nd person, loss of identity, blood, distorted perspective

  • Curiosity

    “Mother, why aren’t there more witches?” “That’s a ridiculous question. There’s as many witches as there, because there are that many witches.” The Matriarch was stirring a pot of food, glancing over at Her book from time to time, as the witchling peered over. He reached for one of the not-yet-sliced vegetables, earning a thwack […]

  • Dying Faiths

    “What are you doing here, child?” The voice echoed quietly through the ruined temple courtyard, emanating at once all around the young witchling and from nowhere at all. With it came a certain chill to the air, the cool fall breeze that might put one to sleep by a fire. “There’s no magicks left here […]

  • Doll Hunting

    CW: (Probably) noncon, (probably) gaslighting, violence, stormy-seas-ahead-beware