Published Works

Things I’ve Written In

Constellations: An Ambage Anthology | 2013 | Goodreads | Barnes and Noble

My first published work, from all the way back in 2013. I wrote “The Greatest Gift,” a in-retrospect vaguely doll-themed story about a man making a robot in memory of his wife. It’s also something I wrote nine years ago so not my best work but hey, everyone starts somewhere.

Emptied Spaces: An Empty Spaces Anthology | 2022 | Goodreads (soon(TM)) | Sapphic Sweets

Nine years later, my latest publish work! I wrote “A Witch’s Purpose” and “Travels”, the first being a brief little dialogue about witch-ness and the second being a story of a witch and his two dolls traveling a wasteland. This is from my ‘modern’ empty spaces’ writing era, so I’d like to think they’re some of my best work currently. I also helped edit and compile this particular anthology.

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