Category: The Worlds Beyond

  • Doll Hunting

    CW: (Probably) noncon, (probably) gaslighting, violence, stormy-seas-ahead-beware

  • Ward

    The doll stood admist the burning wreckage, sirens echoing in the distance. The facades on its limbs had long ago been shredded off, arms now little more than scythes with fingers and legs exposed to their reinforced frame. It breathed deeply, tasting the air. It looked down, kneeling down at the feet of its witch […]

  • Recruit

    “Ever fought a witch, kid?” The sergeant glanced up from her rifle, giving her subordinate a once over. “You definitely don’t look it.” “I got out of training six months ago.” He winced, looking through a slit in their bunker. “I didn’t think it’d be like this.” “You’ll get used to it.” She looked through […]

  • Unfinished Stories Volume One

    Author’s Note: This is a collection of stories that I’ve worked on before and are in various states of completeness. I like them and I might still finish them, but I don’t know when I will, if ever. As a note, while most of these are recent, some are a bit older and so might […]

  • Slipping Beneath

    The valley spring glittered brilliantly under the light of the two suns, a serene pocket tucked away in a forgotten part of the world. The ancient carbon panels, once intended only for temporary shelter, still paved the way around it, their surfaces worn down over the centuries of exposure and traffic. A woman sat on […]

  • Pinnacle 2

    They’d hiked this mountain before, Daniel was certain of it. The two had gone up the same slope at least a dozen times, and now they were passing the exact same foliage, leaves in the exact same pattern of turning auburn and violet. Spatial loops were to be expected, but he’d never come across one […]

  • Pinnacle

    The Witch strode through open walkways of the Garden, smiling politely at passerbys as she made her way through the maze of staggered levels and plazas. Outside, the transition between atmosphere and vacuum could be seen clearly, a pinkish sky giving way to the pitch black of low orbit. A soft breeze drifted through the […]

  • Interim Tinkering

    The mechanic took a long sigh, swiping his badge and entering his workspace. Dressed in overalls that were slightly too large on him and a thermos of coffee uncomfortably full in his hand, he tapped an awaiting computer screen, waiting for the log in screen to load. “Cpl. Ivy Jones, on shift,” he mumbled at […]

  • Protected: Battle High

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

  • Void Jumping

    Pocket sleep was always an unpleasant experience for Jade. The human mind wasn’t designed for travel in this twisted dimension; if any crew had to be conscious for the trip, blast doors prevented any sort of exposure to the outside and the eerie radiation that was constantly emitted. Scientists speculated it might be exotic energies […]