Category: Observations

  • Death

    For a witch, death was an ever-present but distant possibility. Since time immemorial, witches perfected means of saving their souls from the grip of the Celestial Choir, either by tether or pact or some novel technique lost to the ages. A common practice, and the first act of any witch with ambition, was to construct […]

  • Decondition

    Deconditioning combat dolls was inevitably a lengthy process, particularly after having their sensenets removed for civilian compliance. Bonded to their witches, handlers who weren’t prepared for the process found it excruciating. A technique that came to some prominence after land grants became common practice on newly terraformed worlds was to utilize decommissioned combat dolls as […]

  • Tutor

    For witches that weren’t wholly self-taught, learning the ways of casting spells and laying enchantments was a long and arduous one under the tutelage of an elder witch, sometimes in conjunction with a coven. In this witch’s case, she had been learning since her early days as a little girl, left to the care of […]

  • Tea

    From time to time, a curious witch would investigate the tea her dolls constantly consumed. It was never a single substance, but rather a whole family of drinks that dolls considered to be tea. Tea, in this context, was anything a doll drank for its own pleasure. It was the act of preparation that gave […]

  • Fluidity

    The first thing a young witch often dealt with was the raw fluidity of the world. Events could be transcribed, practices honed, concepts charted and solved, but nothing ever stayed the same for long. Elder witches fell to this as well, in their own way. Complaints abounded of how things were once done a different […]

  • Duality

    Witch and combat doll that’ve taken so much of each other on that it’s difficult to tell them apart now. She first have her doll her blood and its infused magicks on the battlefield to keep its core turning. The doll gave a hand after its witch lost it behind enemy lines. The witch gave […]