Category: Family, Allies, and Mentors

  • Curiosity

    “Mother, why aren’t there more witches?” “That’s a ridiculous question. There’s as many witches as there, because there are that many witches.” The Matriarch was stirring a pot of food, glancing over at Her book from time to time, as the witchling peered over. He reached for one of the not-yet-sliced vegetables, earning a thwack […]

  • Vacation

    CW: 2nd person, CNC, lite identify fuzziness / memory fuckery, disorientation You and your girlfriend had been together for years now; things had settled into their day to day rhythm, life was good. She was a low-level witch, doing research work with a distant coven, you were a clerk at a local shop. The routine […]

  • Visitation

    “I don’t know what to do.” The young witch was huddled in a corner, bundling himself up as closely as he could. A few dolls stood around him, aimless and unsure of what to do with their uncooperative Miss. They’d never experienced something like this, a lack of confidence and drive that so defined witches. […]

  • Protected: Tea

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

  • Witch Hunting 3

    In the moment, the witch allowed himself to lose himself in the bliss of the feeling. The sharp ice beneath his feet, the crisp air in his lungs, the feeling of brush on his skin. He ran under the light of a half-lit moon, moving impossibly quick for any human. Darting through the forest, the […]

  • Tools

    “Why does Miss keep us around?” The paper doll asked from a table adjacent to the witch, looking up at her with curiousity in its crinkled eyes. “Dolls help me and my work, of course,” she replied, sipping a cup of coffee and continuing to draw. “Miss has so many other ways she could obtain […]

  • Witch Hunting 2

    “Miss, why do we have to have a home in the city?” The wolf doll whined, poking at its food with dissatisfaction. “It’s too loud here! There’s so many better places out there for us, in the wilderness.” The irritated lycan witch poked at his meal with equal dissatisfaction, though for other reasons. Three months […]

  • Witch Hunting

    The errand boy cursed his luck, turning down the back alley with his parcel in hand. He hated making runs to witches, most especially to witches that hid in the depths of the old city. The roads were perpetually broken, threatening to throw him right off his bike. The signs were old and decayed, lettering […]

  • Transformation

    “Are you sure about this?” The witch asked softly, stroking a strand of hair out of the girl’s face. “There’s no going back after this.” “I’m sure,” she whispered back, her eyes fluttering shut as the sedative took effect. Around the two, three dolls stood, one putting away the cup of tea the girl had […]

  • Scavenging

    His fingers finished tying the last knots, spectral threads pulling a stitch tight in the doll’s joints and bringing its body together in one graceful motion. It clicked for a second, stuck in whatever dream it had been in while disassembled, before its eyes came back to life, looking up from the table at the […]