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  • BN Chapter 1: Cordially Invited…

    Out past a sleepy metropolis, as dense urban construction began to give way to scattered buildings and agriculture, a long side road began. It twisted past the hills and nooks surrounding the city, taking any would-be visitor ever deeper into the creases of the landscape. Tucked away on a dirt path that faded away if […]

  • Witchhunter Isaacs

    Witchhunter Isaacs was having a bad day. At the tender age of 26, he was the youngest witchhunter ever to obtain the rank of Master of the Hunt, and be placed in charge of an entire wing of hunters. Unfortunately for Isaacs, this appointment was over the taxation and petty offenses wing. The years he […]

  • Alteration

    The two young witchlings stood alone in a secluded chamber of the manor’s basement, diligently drawing chalk lines and referencing the open books strewn about in the air around them. From time to time they would reach for a new color, or drip a wax seal on the focal points of the enchantment. The floor […]

  • Retribution

    The witch lay in the burning wreckage, shock setting into his body as he looked around. His arms screamed with pain as his magicks stitched them back together, but he couldn’t feel it past the haze that had settled over his mind. A shift came through the rubble, pieces being pushed aside by an invisible […]

  • Changes

    Originally written for the #emptyminusempty hashtag “Do you think this place will be here much longer?” Amber took a bite of his meal, some kind of bird on a stick. “With all the renovation, that is.” “Probably. This place is under protection of the local Lord.” Ashley shrugged. “Still, I’m sure that applies to plenty […]

  • Protected: A Free Night

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

  • Regret

    “Has Miss ever regretted using his magic for something?” The question held in the air longer than the witch thought it would, staring ahead at his journal while his figurine doll sat beside him, kicking its legs off the table. “I’ve taken jobs I’m not particularly proud of, sure, to make ends meet. But I […]

  • A Boy and His Dolls (Short Stories)

    //Writing “Why do dolls call you miss, Miss?” The figurine doll sat on the edge of the writing desk, perpetually teetering over the edge. “Because I’m a witch, of course,” the witch replied, his fingers moving gracefully over the keys of a type writer. “Miss is a feminine title. Don’t others refer to you as […]

  • Introductions

    “Miss brought his girlfriend back!” The many dolls of the manor had gathered around the closed door of their Miss’s private chambers, the figurine doll atop a nook in the wall as it gained the attention of its peers. “This one saw her, last night!” “What did she look like?” One of the maid dolls […]

  • Civics

    “I’m back!” The witch announced, opening the door of the manor with bags in hand. “Gods, those two weeks really just flew by… hello?” The house was, for once, eerily quiet; no sound of distant drama or chatting to be heard. He crept forward, wisps of magic beginning to form in his hands as he […]