Originally written for the #emptyminusempty hashtag

“Do you think this place will be here much longer?” Amber took a bite of his meal, some kind of bird on a stick. “With all the renovation, that is.”

“Probably. This place is under protection of the local Lord.” Ashley shrugged.

“Still, I’m sure that applies to plenty of other parts of hell, yeah?” He looked out the window, to the winding streets below and the variety of passerbys making their ways through them. “Plenty of ancient, historic places, demolished and replaced.”

“More things change, more they stay the same. This isn’t the first time hell’s remodeled, won’t be the last, but these little places always manage to stick around in the odd corners.” She looked up from her hash, tilting her head. “What about your place?”

“What about it?”

“You’re not that far from the city, they’re constantly expanding. What’re you going do when it’s on your doorstep?”

“Maybe it’ll make it easier to catch the morning trains.”

“Somehow, I don’t see my beloved potion brewer dealing with the commotion of the city.”

“Well, I guess I just have to move in with my girlfriend, huh?”

“And all your ‘housemates’?” She laughed, tail flicking behind her. “I don’t have enough space for all those display cases.”

“Maybe I’d lend them out to my sisters. Resale some of them. Just imagine some kid picking up Persephone and getting the shock of their life.”

“Amber Ides, you’d do no such thing… hilarious as that’d be.” She held out a hand, waiting for him to take it. “Speaking of, though, you need to get going if you’re going get home in time to help Lilac with the rest of its chores before the meeting.”

“I really need to make some more maids for it…” He sighed, tucking the remainder of his meal away in a pouch and sitting up. “Walk with me to the portal?”

“Of course darling.”






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