“Miss brought his girlfriend back!” The many dolls of the manor had gathered around the closed door of their Miss’s private chambers, the figurine doll atop a nook in the wall as it gained the attention of its peers. “This one saw her, last night!”

“What did she look like?” One of the maid dolls was looking curiously at the door. “Should we look?”

“What if they’re in the middle of something?” Another of the figurines retorted.

“This one’s sure Miss wouldn’t mind…”

“Miss’ll hex you for it!”

“Miss’ll do no such thing!”

“Hush!” Button nodded to the maid doll. “This one wants to see, unlock the door.”

The maid doll quickly compiled, turning a key and slowly opening the door, only to have it pushed open by the avalanche of variously-sized dolls rushing through it. They all immediately turned to look for their Miss, to find him and his companion bolted up in the bed at the sound of the doll commotion.

“What’s going on now?” The witch mumbled, still half asleep.

“Miss!” The figurine doll jumped atop the pile of its compatriots. “Why does Miss still have his clothes on? Why does Miss’s girlfriend still have her clothes on?”

“Button, why is every doll in the house in my room right now?”

“We were curious what Miss was up to!”

“I was sleeping.”

“Why isn’t Miss having fun??”

“You can just say sex you know.”

“Is this the equivalent of meeting the children?” The dozing succubus stretched for a moment with a yawn, looking at the assembled pile. “I didn’t realize your collection was so… extensive.”

“Well, you know, I see good deals…” The witch looked a bit sheepish, something the figurine doll immediately seized upon.

“Miss didn’t want his girlfriend to meet us!” It accused.

“No, I wanted it to go some other way than… this.”

“Personally I think it’s endearing, really,” the succubus leaned over to inspect the dolls as they slowly squirmed themselves out of the pile. “I’m Ashley, pleased to meet you all.”

“Hi Ashley! This one is Button, that’s Artemis, that’s Hermes, that’s HRM Persephone, that’s…”

The doll continued to rattle off names as the succubus nodded quietly, looking over to the witch with a raised eyebrow. “Have a theme, hmm?”

“Well, they’re all from the same show, actually, it’s a highschool rendition of the Greek pantheon.”

“Do they retain the personalities of the characters they’re modeled after?”

“Usually, yeah. Some of it’s intrinsic, some of it’s what I remember it as. It’s easier to form something you already know than make a whole new psyche from scratch.”

“I have to have you do some experiments with me at some point…” The succubus slipped out of the bed, helping the witch out as she yawned again. “Well, I could go for some breakfast and coffee, and Button can keep introducing me to everyone, hm?”

“Sounds like a plan!” The figurine hopped onto a maid’s shoulder as it pushed itself up, beaming at the two. “Miss’s girlfriend can tell us about how Miss treats her!”

“I do have some extremely intimate details to share about when we went to this theatre in the 6th circle…”






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